Nano Towels Review - do they work and where to buy
Nano Towels review

Nano Towels review

The technical progress is a reason for implementing the breakthrough technologies in the completely different spheres of our life to make it more easy and comfortable. The appearing of Nanolon Fiber greatly affected hygiene cloth items – the area where seemingly no inventions would be possible after the arrival of microfiber technology. According to numerous nano towels reviews, this innovative product leaves the era of classic towels made of paper in the remote past.

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The Nanolon Fiber Technology is the new generation of fiber possessing ultra thin V-shaped structure. One square inch of the cloth can contain over than one hundred thousand fibers each of which is a hundred times thinner than a human hair. The presented video shows the main specifics of the material and its structure and is recommended to watch for the better understanding of the invention.

This is how everything works

Naturally, the customers often ask do nano towels really work and how they can replace the well-known and common paper ones? The answer is obvious, they do and the results are superior. And a large number of positive nano towels reviews from satisfied buyers is the best confirmation. So, how everything happens?

High level of absorption for perfect clean

The main characteristic of the nanolon material is the powerful ability to attract even the smallest particles of stuff and liquid. This means that dust, pollen, dirt, and various harmful for health pieces hitting the skin surface from the air and staying there, along with sebum have no chances after using the latest technology invention for cleaning. The highly absorbent potential allows the nanolon towel to easily remove all possible stains easily and fast.

No detergents required

It is also worth noting that the entire cleaning process requires only water without any detergents adding. No need to use various detergents, even the safest ones, is the undeniable advantage of nano towels made of nanolon fiber significantly reduce the risk of allergic reaction for the people with sensitive skin. These towels may seem to be a little bit sticky while using and this is normal. The slightly sticky effect is necessary to ensure the total absorption of surface contaminants not letting them be smashed. Normally, the towel has two different sides. One is intended for the actual cleaning process and the other for drying the surface.

Long working life

The nano cloth is also highly resistant what leads to its longevity. The approximate time of using one towel without losing its original qualities and features is about a couple of years. Naturally, that after some time of utilizing it will become dirty. Simply wash it in the washing machine to get clean and ready-to-use towel again. Due to its durability, it will be guaranteed to get through up to 300 washing rounds.

A wide range of applications

Ease of use and excellent cleaning quality facilitate using the advanced technology towels for almost any surface. Having non-abrasive and safe structure the most delicate things in the house will look perfect after cleaning them using the nanos. Though, some glass surfaces like mirrors and windows can be an exception. The tacky side of the cloth leaves the reflecting surface fuzzy instead of clear finish making the paper towel irreplaceable for this task.

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Nano towels vs. Norwex towels, what difference does it make?

Norwex towels are made from highly-absorbent microfiber being light and elastic. Moreover, they have anti-bacterial properties and are subject of quick-drying making them possible to be used again in a short period of time. In general, before the actual weaving the cloth all the fibers form a thread and then combined together. Such type of towel structure is the reason for its scrubbing and absorbing properties also leaves a velvety and soft feeling on the skin.

Pros of Norwex towels

  • Made of life miracle microfiber with an antibacterial Special kind of weaving the microfiber threads creates numerous cells for collecting pieces of dirt and bacteria. This way all strains removed from the surface store inside the cloth and can be easily washed after.
  • Cleaning with only water obviating the need for chemical detergents makes the product environmental friendly and reduce the risk for health.
  • Free and fast delivering after ordering.


  • Limited color palette – only green, pink, purple, and grey.
  • Relatively high price. One pack of Norwex towels can cost up to $35 which can seem expensive comparing the price for paper ones. Nevertheless, considering their longevity and high-quality cleaning they can save the family budget from wasting money for repurchasing the paper towels.

Strong points of Nano towels

  • Made using the brand new revolutionary technology of V-shaped nanofiber. Due to its shape able to collect many times more dirt within one cleaning compared to the usual round shaped fibers.
  • The high density of the fibers in the cloth is a reason of exceptional absorbency. This leads to the quick, effortless and efficient cleaning of all kinds of stains from almost all surfaces.
  • Simple washing machine cycle is how to wash nano towels. The durability of the material will allow having at least several hundred washings until it loses the structure.

Weak points

  • Not suitable for all surfaces. Reflecting glass and metal surfaces can’t be finished with nanofiber because it leaves them streaky and unclear. Also, old and stuck-on strains required chemical abrasive cleaning are not the best field of use for nanos.
  • Expensive cost. Spending almost $25 for a set of towels may seem somewhat expensive that’s why it’s necessary to figure out the main purpose the towels will be used for first. As an example, buying nano towels for mirrors and windows will be definitely wasting money while they are unsurpassed for personal hygiene.

Nano towels vs. Microfiber towels: comparing the different generations

Microfiber is a non-allergenic material consisting of nylon fibers several micrometers in diameter, along with the polyester and various molecular compounds. It is actively used in the manufacture of clothing, medical and construction industries, as well as in several other areas.

Microfiber was invented in Japan in the 70s of the last century, but its mass production began only 10 years later. It is necessary to clarify that it is not always synthetic and fibers can be natural, see the options for raw materials:

  • organic cotton;
  • rayon or cellulose;
  • artificial fibers;
  • synthetic fibers (microfleece);
  • polymers (polyester and polyamide).

Pluses of Microfiber towels

  • Microfiber is a fairly dense and resistant material, so the towels can be usable for a reasonable time while maintaining its qualities.
  • The cloth is hypoallergenic, without aroma, does not stratify, does not fade, and is not susceptible to fast damage.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the dirt leaving no damage on any surfaces. It can easily penetrate into inaccessible places.


  • The material dries quickly, but it cannot be dried with the help of intensive heat sources. This could result in quick damaging of its structure making the towel completely unusable.
  • Being the very first microfiber generation these towels inferior to the newer inventions in density and absorbency. Also, due to the thinner fibers, they wear out faster.
  • The relatively high price compared to their working life and effectiveness.

Ups of Nano towels

  • Absorbs much more fluid than other microfiber types. Compared with analogs, it absorbs liquids 3 times better. This applies not only to a completely dry nanofiber Even being wet it will absorb all moisture and will not leave stains on the surface.
  • Nanolon fiber being what are nano towels made from is so versatile that can be used in almost all areas of life from medical supplies to shoe factories. The towels can be used for washing, cleaning kitchen tiles, hardwood flooring, counter-tops, bathroom supplies, caring for various digital equipment and many other surfaces, even boots and shoes.
  • Small weight and compactness. Nano towel practically does not take place and weighs several times less than the usual bath towel with comparable sizes.


  • To buy nano towels pack the customer should be ready to spend $25-35 which can seem quite expensive in comparison with the paper and regular towels.
  • Being ordered from not trusted and verified seller may cause obtaining the low-quality product made from old nano generation fibers with no hygiene and safety guarantee.

Final thoughts: how to buy the real Nano towels of high quality

Nano towels pros

Making a decision to feel the difference between the old commonly used regular or paper towel and the advanced technological product the customer will for sure face the issue where to buy it. Indeed, it is hard to overstate the importance of finding the right seller with an excellent reputation and the best price. The solution is very simple: Amazon. This is the safest and most reliable marketplace with trustworthy and respected sellers stake their reputations on the quality of the products sold. This way buying nano towels on amazon the customer can be certain to receive the original high-quality product to fully enjoy all its opportunities and advantages.

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