Best cancer clinics in the world and US in 2021
Best Cancer Hospitals in the World in 2021

Best Cancer Hospitals in the World in 2021

The following article contains a list of the best cancer hospitals in the world and the US in particular.

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World’s best cancer clinics
1. The Royal Marsden Hospital
2. Asklepios Kliniken
3. National Cancer Institute of Milan
4. Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
5. Fuda Cancer Hospital
Best Cancer Hospitals in the United States
1. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
2. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
3. The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Medicine
Best Lung Cancer Hospital in the US
Best Breast Cancer Hospital
Best Colon Cancer Hospital
Best Prostate Cancer Hospital
Best Pancreatic Cancer Hospital
Best Brain Cancer Hospital in the US

Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment in the World

Cancer and its complications pose a major challenge for the contemporary healthcare industry. Scientists and doctors are fighting ferociously against this terrible disease, moving step by step towards finding a cure that will make cancer therapy more effective.

Nowadays, the biggest oncological institutes and clinics are not only the facilities where people receive appropriate treatment, they are also the strongholds of science; they develop new methods of fighting different kinds of cancer, conduct testing of various drugs, and elaborate new standards of diagnostics and therapy.

We have analyzed the information about the biggest and the most reputable cancer hospitals and composed a list of the best cancer clinics in the world with the special emphasis on the ones that are located in the United States.

The list was created in accordance with the following criteria:

    • Application of innovative and sparing methods of cancer therapy;
    • High rate of successful cancer treatment;
    • Professionalism and experience of medical personnel, including communication skills, quality of general and personal service, diligence, readiness to provide not only medical but also psychological help;
    • Treatment cost and transparency of institution’s financial operations;
    • Overall quality of hospital stay (comfortability of hospital wards, quality of medical equipment, availability of special department for foreign patients, quality of food, level of hygiene, attitude of medical staff);
    • Range of medical services, from primary diagnostics and testing to post-discharge adjustment.

All cancer clinics on our list have the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation which means that they fully comply with the highest standards of medical service. The list of the best hospitals for cancer treatment is actually divided into two parts: the first part contains the names and descriptions of clinics around the world in the countries other than the United States; the second part is comprised of the best oncological institutions in the US overall and also the ones that treat the specific forms of the disease, such as lung, breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic, and brain cancer.

Best Cancer Hospitals in Europe, Middle East, and Asia

1. The Royal Marsden Hospital (London, England)

The Royal Marsden Hospital cancer clinic

The Royal Marsden Hospital is one of the oldest clinics in the world that specializes in cancer treatment. It was founded in 1851 by Dr. William Marsden and since that time, the clinic gained the reputation of being one of the best medical institutions in the United Kingdom.

It is the biggest specialist center for cancer treatment in Western Europe. Every year, more than 40 000 patients undergo cancer treatment in the Royal Marsden Hospital. This institution also serves as a major research center, the employees of which are engaged in developing new anti-tumor drugs and technologies, for instance, the stem-cell therapy.

The cutting-edge medical equipment, like the Da Vinci system in the surgery department and the last generation linear accelerator in the department of radiation treatment, enables the specialists to conduct the most innovative diagnostics and treatment of cancer. The Hospital also provides a personal consultant who helps the patient to go through all stages of treatment and rehabilitation.

 2. Asklepios Kliniken (Hamburg, Germany)

Asklepios Kliniken cancer clinic

Asklepios is a network of clinics founded in 1984 by Bernard Broermann, a German billionaire. It is one the biggest and finest clinics for cancer treatment and palliative medicine in Europe which holds the accreditation by the German Cancer Society.

The Asklepios cancer clinic has highly-specialized centers for treatment of breast cancer, urological oncology, pancreatic cancer as well as departments of palliative medicine, radiation, and chemotherapy. Each clinic has ultra-modern diagnostic and therapy equipment, such as PET-CT, MRT, linear accelerators, Da Vinci robot, gamma knife etc.

Apart from 45,000 staff members, the Asklepios Kliniken also employs leading scientists, such as Professors Ronald Bryuning and Aksel Stang, who put the most innovative cancer treatment methods into practice. Asklepios Kliniken shows the astonishing 95% success rate of cancer treatment at the early stages.

3. National Cancer Institute of Milan (Milan, Italy)

National Cancer Institute of Milan

This Italian oncological center is famous for its research and implementation of gene therapy of cancer and studies of mechanisms of development of different forms of cancer. Specialists, who work at the Institute, study thousands of functions of genes and protein cells as well as the way they interact and the effects such interactions might have on the human body. The wide range of modern research and treatment equipment allows the Institute specialists to carry out treatment of different forms of cancer in various stages of development. Great infrastructure and extensive experience make the National Cancer Institute in Milan one of the best oncological centers in the world.

4. Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

The Cancer Clinic at the Sourasky Medical Center (also known as the Ichilov Clinic) is currently considered one of the best oncology treatment facilities in the world.

Specialists at the Sourasky Center have developed the world’s first skin cancer treatment that does not require surgical interference. They conduct hundreds of unique and immensely complicated surgeries for the removal of malignant cardiac tumors.

The Cancer Clinic is fitted with high-precision equipment which allows doctors to implement advanced methods of cancer treatment, including progressive technologies in chemotherapy. The Clinic has the latest models of the Da Vinci robotic system and TrueBeam; radiotherapy is carried out using the RapidArc technology which is notable for its extremely precise impact on tumors.

5. Fuda Cancer Hospital (Guangzhou, China)

Fuda Cancer Hospital

The Fuda Medical Center serves as the clinical base of the Jinan Medical University. Specialists at Fuda cooperate closely with the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the aim to develop new methods of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The distinctive feature of Fuda is that its specialists use the technique of cryosurgical ablation (CSA). During CSA, the tumor is removed by cryoprobes at low temperatures. CSA is low-traumatic, painless and it can be used on large and small tumors. This and other innovative technologies, such as the microvascular intervention therapy, make the Fuda Cancer Center one the best cancer hospitals in the world.

Best Cancer Hospitals in the United States

1. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, USA)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson has traditionally been recognized as one of the best cancer hospitals in the United States and around the world. It was founded in 1941, and in the course of more than seven decades has developed a reputation as an innovative center, which is always among the first to introduce the latest technologies in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Specialists at MD Anderson have achieved great success in fighting the most aggressive forms of cancer. Besides, they have extensive experience in treating patients with the rarest types of tumors. Currently, these specialists are working on new methods of cancer immunotherapy as well as the chemopropylaxis of cancer using natural substances.

2. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, USA)

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is considered the third-rated oncology center in the world and the second best in the United States. It was founded in 1884 as the New York Cancer Hospital with donations from two American tycoons, Alfred Sloan and Charles Kettering. The Center employs only world-class specialists; therefore, the survival rate of cancer patients who undergo treatment here is one of the highest in the US.

3. The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Medicine (Baltimore, Maryland)

The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Medicine

The Sydney Kimmel Cancer Center is a world-famous oncology center with one of the best research units in the US. A comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to treatment, consultations of the best specialists combined with the latest innovations in oncology have given hope to thousands of severely ill patients. The success rates of cancer treatment at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center are considered one of the highest in the world.

Best Lung Cancer Hospital in the US

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is the best lung cancer hospital in the US due to the fact that it can offer one of the most advanced therapies in the country, such as image-guided radiation therapy and shaped-beam radiation.

Best Breast Cancer Hospital

Capital Health Medical Center in Pennington, New Jersey, is the best breast cancer hospital that provides a comprehensive and progressive approach to breast care. It has a high-risk breast cancer program and it is accredited by the NAPBC.

Best Colon Cancer Hospital

The Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis has one of the highest performance ratings in the country when it comes to treating colon cancer. According to the, it has the best survival rating and does best at preventing readmissions.

Best Prostate Cancer Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center is the best for prostate cancer treatment in the US. It has full range of patient care, an extensive research base and provides top-notch treatment, especially for patients who suffer from prostate cancer.

Best Pancreatic Cancer Hospital

The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical center and research group based in Minnesota, has highest ranking in gastroenterology surgery with the best survival rate, nurse staffing, technologies, and patient services.

Best Brain Cancer Hospital in the US

Brain cancer is one of the severest forms of this disease because brain surgery is a challenge for any doctor. It is wise to put your life in the hands of a world-class specialist whom you will definitely find at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, the best hospital for brain cancer treatment in the US.

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