Best Cloud Mining Websites in 2021 - TOP Trusted Services For Crypto Mining
Ultimate Guide to Best Cloud Mining Services

Ultimate Guide to Best Cloud Mining Services

Cryptocurrency has changed the majority of modern industries and aspects of our life. Right now, there are many online casinos and entertainment platforms that accept such currencies as BTC and LTC to provide their clients with better services. At the same time, mining different digital coins may help you to make a scoop, too.

Nonetheless, not every person can purchase the expensive equipment necessary to start making money with the help of cryptocurrency. Luckily, cloud mining services may become a great solution to this problem. You can discover many data centers that will start mining digital coins for you. It’s necessary just to rent their equipment and pay service fees to ensure its smooth work.

However, do you know how to select a reliable and fair cloud mining service? Don’t worry, this cloud mining review will help you to deal with this task!

Major Advantages of Cloud Mining

First of all, it’ll be a great decision to discover the main advantages of cloud mining. Of course, you will need to pay fees to use this or that cloud service but you’ll also get such awesome advantages as:

  • Possibility to stop mining whenever you want. If a crypto cloud mining service doesn’t provide the desired profit, you can just stop investing your money. After it, you won’t need to find a person or a company, which will purchase your expensive equipment to get back at least a part of the money you’ve spent.
  • Support offered by your cloud platform. The majority of these services provide their clients with detailed instructions, useful articles, and professional customer support. In case you know nothing about the world of cryptocurrencies, a reliable cloud mining company may become your ideal option.
  • Chance to forget about taking care of your equipment. Crypto mining is an extremely difficult and expensive process. If you want to forget about dealing with out-of-service hardware and possible problems with software, you should choose online cloud mining platforms.

Best Cloud Mining Sites in 2021

You may discover hundreds of cloud mining services on the Internet. While some of them may provide you with impressive passive income, others will just steal your money. That’s the reason why you should always read reviews about this or that service before you create an account there.

  1. IQ Mining
  2. Genesis Mining
  3. Eobot
  4. Minergate
  5. ECOS
  6. Shamining
  7. Hashing 24

Moreover, take into account that searching for the trusted cloud mining sites may take days or even weeks. Luckily, you can pay your attention to the list provided below in case you want to save your time and avoid possible scams. It includes the best cloud mining companies, which will help you to increase your income.

1. IQ Mining

IQMining review

If you are looking for a Bitcoin mining service with tons of positive reviews from clients, you should definitely check out this awesome platform launched in 2016. Currently, more than 50,000 people use the remote equipment provided by this cloud service.

IQ Mining offers three packages including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Further, it’s possible to select one of four contracts. Consider that your choice should directly depend on your goals and resources. It’ll be a good idea to check out the contract details and payout forecast before you make a final decision. Also, you can choose a smart contract if you want to reduce the possible risks.

The registration process is absolutely free and it doesn’t require a subscription fee. You’ll definitely like the website’s user-friendly interface. And impressive profit forecasts make IQ Mining the best Bitcoin cloud mining service for small investments. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide the USA residents with its services.

2. Genesis Mining

This company was founded in 2013 and soon it became popular with thousands of users. Right now, it’s one of the biggest online Bitcoin mining platforms known for its fairness and lucrative investment solutions. The company has more than 2 million clients from different parts of the world. 

The users of the platform can start mining both Bitcoin and altcoins. Further, it’s possible to use the hash power you’ve purchased to mine several digital coins simultaneously. Take into account that you may significantly reduce the risk of your investments if you start using this feature.

The variety of pricing packages offered by the service is truly impressive. The price depends on the hash power you want to get and the digital coin, which you are going to start mining. Also, the platform can boast a friendly and professional customer support team. At the same time, unlike other top cloud mining sites, this one set quite high prices on its services.

3. Eobot

The possibility to mine an impressive variety of cryptocurrencies is definitely among the main advantages offered by this cloud mining service. After the registration, you’ll be able to start mining LTC, ETH, BCH, etc. All in all, Eobot provides the opportunity to get 22 different digital coins.

It’s possible to make a deposit using your PayPal or any popular cryptocurrency. In case you have just entered the world of Bitcoin mining, you’ll be glad to discover that the minimum deposit at this platform is only $10. In addition, if you want to start mining later, you can make a Cloud-Mining pre-order.

The service will be providing you with updates related to your mining progress every minute. And if you want to calculate the earnings per each of your clouds, you are welcome to use a calculator offered by the website. Plus, the platform supports only cryptocurrencies as available withdrawal methods. All in all, there are 22 options, including BTC, LTC, and ETH.

4. Minergate

Minergate review

This website offers both amazing cloud mining solutions and powerful mining software. It has fair fees and a calculator which you can use to see the potential profit you can get. Right now, the website has more than 20,000 satisfied users.

The platform has a clear and modern UI as well as a blog that is constantly updated with useful articles related to cloud mining. Also, this website is certainly the best cloud mining service for beginners. Everything you need to start mining is just to choose the digital coin and set the amount of money you want to invest per day. The bad news is that the platform supports only three cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, and XMR.


ECOS mining review

The company was founded in 2017 to cover the needs of people interested in cloud mining. Furthermore, this is one of the first legit cloud mining providers. Now it’s considered to be one of the best options for any cloud miner. More than 40,000 clients from different parts of the world use this platform every day. Nevertheless, it still offers the possibility to mine only Bitcoin. 

Fortunately, you’ll find out a variety of mining contracts as well as the minimum price, which is nearly $125. A purchased contract will remain active from six up to fifty months. Also, the platform supports different banking options. Among the most popular of them are credit cards, BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC.

ECOS also tries to attract new clients with special promotions. After the registration, you can get a one-month free promo contract, which you can use to get acquainted with the platform and basic principles of cloud mining.

6. Shamining

Shamining review

This crypto mining service was launched in 2018. It has farms located in London, Capetown, and San Jose. In addition, the platform defies competition thanks to its helpful 24/7 customer support, friendly UI, and awesome game-like mining process.

You’ll need to deposit at least $100 to start using this service. The platform guarantees a 1.43x return on your investment. So, there is no wonder that it has already attracted more than 8000 crypto investors. Also, as well as other similar websites, this one has a built-in calculator, which you can use to discover your possible income.

The service provides its clients with four types of contracts: CPU, GPU, ASIC, and Individual. Each of them can boast impressive power, high profitability, and low maintenance fee. In case you don’t know which of the contracts you should choose, you can just ask for a no-cost consultation. Besides, a pleasant 37% bonus on your first deposit makes Shamining the best cloud mining website for anyone, who wants to start investing without spending a lot of money.

7. Hashing 24

Hashing 24 review

Hashing 24 has been operating since 2012 and it has already helped thousands of satisfied clients. The company uses modern ASICs in order to ensure the total potential of its powerful hardware. The platform also guarantees that its users won’t face any errors or problems caused by unexpected downtime.

The company has data centers located in Iceland and Georgia. And its website also offers you to find out the expected income you’ll get during a set period of time. Of course, these calculations aren’t a 100% guarantee, but in case everything goes as planned, you’ll certainly get the promised results.


Take into account that cloud mining can become a great source of income only after a certain period of time. It may take up to 16 months before the services mentioned in the list will help you to break even and start making money. Although it’s quite a long period of time, you should consider that it’s extremely difficult to find another source of income that offers similar revenue.

Consider that the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins will also influence your earnings. Of course, the crypto market is unpredictable, but high risk provides investors and miners with the possibility to make a scoop in the short term. Nonetheless, don’t forget to use only fair services mentioned in this cloud mining review to avoid fraudsters and scams.

3 Comments on “Ultimate Guide to Best Cloud Mining Services

  • The exchange rate in the exchanger built into the ECOS app turned out to be surprisingly adequate. I will not say that this is an ideal platform for buying or selling crypto in large volumes, but in order to quickly exchange what was mined under contracts, it is not bad.

  • In my opinion, cloud mining is a great option for passive income. However, you need to take into account that cryptocurrency is a very volatile asset, which means that in order to get the maximum profit, you should always monitor the market and exchange bitcoin at the best rate.

  • I have a couple of cloud mining contracts in ECOS for 1 and 1.5 years. The terms were not deceived, and payments are made regularly, as indicated in the offer.

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